Junge Zürcher Harmoniker
Das junge Kammerorchester bereitet sich auf die Herbsttournee mit dem Trio «tacchi alti» vor.
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Autumn Project 2020 – “Tiefenrausch”

“Tiefenrausch” is a concert programme comprising four pieces that are concerned about silence and solitude. The tour is named after the newly composed triple concert of the Swiss composer M. Wettstein.
Laszlo Weiner
Tripelkonzert für Flöte, Harfe, Viola und Streichorchester
Gustav Mahler
Adagietto aus der Sinfonie Nr. 5
Martin Wettstein
Tiefenrausch, Trippelkonzert für Flöte, Harfe, Viola und Streicher
Béla Bartók
Divertimento für Streichorchester
To the program
The Tiefenrausch program comprises four works that deal with silence and seclusion. Bartok composed the Divertimento before the beginning of the Second World War in the Swiss mountains, a last, unreal island of calm. Far away from the hustle and bustle of life, Mahler's Adagietto is created, an intimate declaration of love to Alma. The beauty of unreal moments also fascinates the Zurich composer Martin Wettstein, whose triple concerto tacchi alti and the Young Zurich Harmonists are premiering. With Weiner, the precious work of a forgotten Jewish composer from Hungary will also be discovered. tacchi alti and the Junge Zürcher Harmoniker are two ensembles that both are able to inspire with high-quality and passionate concerts.
Alte Kirche
Sa, 26. September 2020
19:30 Uhr
Kloster, Bibliothek
So, 27. September 2020
17:00 Uhr
Fr, 02. Oktober 2020
19:30 Uhr
Reformierte Kirche
Sa, 03. Oktober 2020
19:30 Uhr
St. Anna Kapelle
So, 04. Oktober 2020
17:00 Uhr
Marianischer Saal
Sa, 28. November 2020
19:30 Uhr
So, 29. November 2020
17:00 Uhr
Reformierte Kirche
Fr, 04. Dezember 2020
19:30 Uhr
Sa, 05. Dezember 2020
19:30 Uhr
Tacchi alti
Tacchi alti - the ensemble for high-quality chamber music

Tacchi alti is an exceptional ensemble for high quality music. tacchi alti combines passion with fantasy. tacchi alti, that is the flautist Barbara-Gabriella Bossert, the harpist Kathrin Bertschi and the violist Hannes Bärtschi. Three virtuosos who have found each other to take the audience on musical journeys together, to inspire and enchant them. Depending on the program, tacchi alti connects with surprising partners: ensembles, actresses, dancers or orchestras.

tacchi alti is known for unconventional and exciting programs. Every year the ensemble goes on tour with a different program. The flautist Barbara-Gabriella Bossert and the harpist Kathrin Bertschi met during their studies at the Lucerne School of Music and founded the tacchi alti ensemble in 2007. A little later, the violist Hannes Bärtschi joined them. Since then the trio has played hundreds of concerts in Switzerland and abroad.

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